Tuesday, October 16, 2012

certificate of adoption

i was thinking today after j's adoption hearing and after we had the "official" paper in our hands...i was thinking, "if this were the oscars or academy awards, and i were to hold up this certificate and give a speech, this is what i may say"...

thank you.

thank you for calling us crazy but not leaving our side.

thank you for the phone calls.

thank you for the emails.

thank you for the texts.

thank you for the meals.

thank you for the groceries.

thank you for the babysitting.

thank you for the shoulder to cry on.  a lot.

thank you for not judging.

thank you for the prayers.  so.  so. many.  prayers.

thank you for the high fives & thumbs up.

thank you for the anonymous gifts received in the mail because you love Jesus and have a heart for the orphan.

thank you for whispering Truth when so many times the lies were screaming at us.

thank you for grace.  grace.  grace.

and finally, thank You, Jesus, for leading us on this journey.  us, a couple of misfits, lead to birth two children and then foster and adopt four more.  we never in a million years knew You were going to take us on such a journey.  and we never in a million years will ever regret going on this journey.

thank You.

bless You.