Wednesday, May 9, 2012

one year ago...

on may 9, 2011
a precious little boy was born.
nine days later we had the privilege
to take an elevator to the 8th floor
of helen devos children's hospital
and fill an empty infant car seat
with a little bundle weighing a few ounces
over 5 pounds.
and bring him home.
over the course of 365 days (minus a few)
we have had...
many sleepless nights
many dirty diapers
many bottle washings
many outfit changes (acid reflux - yuck)
many teeth coming in (the kid had 8 teeth by 8 months AND started working on his 1 year molars a month ago)
many tub times (which includes mopping the bathroom floor because of all the splashing he does) {smile}
many tears
many laughs
many prayers
many prayers
many prayers
many ways we saw the hands and feet of Jesus through the body of Christ - the Church
many times of questioning, "can i really do this?  be a mom to 6?"
many times He (Yahweh) responding, "no, you can't.  but I can, if you let ME."
many times surrendering.  and then taking it back.  and then surrendering.  again.  (still do this)
many hugs.
many cuddle times.
many ways our olders have stepped up to the plate (way to go, b and sj!)
many ways our middles are comforted by knowing their little brother comes from the same birth mom brown just like them.
many ways my moses has had to learn that he's not the baby any longer...he's gettin' better.
many struggles in my marriage...'cuz a half dozen kiddos is a lot to take on. (we're a bit out numbered).
many revelations in my marriage making it stronger than it's ever been.  ever.

all of these blessings
plus a thousand more.
all because of a little bundle
that we opened our hearts to
and said
yes. (btw, we would do it all over again).

happy birthday, jeremiah leigh patten...our full-of-life, spunky boy!  blessing God for you on this special day!