Friday, April 20, 2012

gonna do a little boasting...

in my Jesus.

here it goes...

my hubby was out of town all week for work. he left on sunday and will be arriving safely home (Lord willing) tonight. which means i've been home with my six precious ones all week. all by myself. and when a couple of friends found out about my being a "single" parent for a week they looked at that as an opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus to my family.

all week long, i did NOT have to make dinner. huge blessing! i could sit and enjoy dinner time with my kiddos instead of throwing a meal together while babies are crying, middles are arguing, and olders are trying to help with the littles.

twice this week, i was able to get away. just me. once for a doctor's appt. and once to workout with my running buddy. that may not seem like a big deal. but believe me. it is. to walk into a doctor's office without a diaper bag, stroller, blankies, binkies, etc. was a huge gift.

and...i even got to go out for ladies' night. we had a little "t" time. {wink. wink} if you're wondering what "t" time is...just ask christina, katie, or beth. or myself. it was a ton of fun. i felt a bit like back in my college days. and don't worry it wasn't anything illegal. all of our husbands were aware of what we were doing. well...most of them. {smile}

and last but not least, in fact, the most important one of all...i could feel the prayers. after coming out of a tough couple of months i wasn't sure i was going to be able to handle being on my own for a week. and i am usually a bit anxious about going to sleep without my hubby next to me. but He reminded me over and over that He will never leave me or forsake me. that I am His and He is mine. can i just tell you how much, not just peace...a deep peace... shalom...rested in my heart AND mind? SO MUCH! i could almost feel it.

will you bless Him with me?

He is so worthy of my/our praise.