Wednesday, March 28, 2012

a little behind

well...i would love to post pics of all the projects we've done over the past two months. yep. i would love to post them. if i had them. i don't.


i thought when i heard the words in my heart, "it's time to get your house in order". i thought (silly me) i thought that meant to get things cleaned up, painted, polished, thrown out, etc.

i was wrong. kinda.

what i found out over the past two months was the cleaning, ordering, and working needed to be done in my heart.

and here's why:

for the past three or so years i have been in survival mode. my marriage has been in survival mode. my family has been in survival mode.

what is survival mode? it's where you are just getting by. just getting through the day without entirely losing it. escaping (physically, mentally, or emotionally) when too much chaos is around you.

life, circumstances, priorities, responsibilities (the list could go on) started crowding out my time (intentional time) i would spend with Jesus. until i hardly spent time with Him at all. sure an occasional prayer was said, or verse was read. but my heart had become busy with other stuff (good and bad) that it didn't have room for Him.

so...i've taken a step out of "survival mode" by clearing my schedule, stepping down from ministry, working on my marriage, hanging with my kiddos 'cause i want to, taking a time-out from facebook, AND spending time with my Saviour by re-learning of His great and enormous love for me.

no longer surviving.

i'm learning to thrive. and it feels wonderful!

i'm still running. even started working out to jillian michaels. and thrown in some bike riding, too. it's been fun and much needed.

projects...hopefully. a girl can still dream, right?

picture-a-day...yeah, when i can.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy "Gotcha Day" Moses!

this sweet boy officially became part of the patten clan one year (and a day) ago today.

he officially became part of our hearts way long before that but we took time to bless God for the joy and delight this boy has brought to our family.

he makes us hard. almost to tears. his little quirky sounds. his smile. his laugh. his wee-bit delays. the way he runs. his tantrums. cleaning out my kitchen cupboards. squishing play-doh all over the counter. rocking in the rocking chair with his bink and blank.

all of these things wrapped up in one little boy who captured this momma's heart the minute i laid eyes on him. and i WOULDN'T trade it for the world.

happy gotcha day, moses john!

we love you!