Tuesday, February 7, 2012

umm...hello? anybody there?

i know. it's been a month. and i fully intended on keeping you up to date on the step by step process of painting our kitchen (a.k.a. "project #1). but alas life crept in and NOW (one babe is sleeping and the other is completely obliterating the family room) is the time i have to update you on where things are with the three "goals/dreams/ideas" i'm going after this year.

let's start with the kitchen. our kitchen has been boring white for eight long years until jan. 31, 2012. yep. that's the day our kitchen's wall color officially became "deepest aqua". take a peek.

everyone here at the patten residence loves seeing the new color which puts a big smile on this momma's face.

secondly...picture a day. i have taken pictures. every day? nope. almost every day? yep. some are more intentional than others. here's a peek at one that was VERY intentional.

{brotheres side by side eating popcorn and watchin' a movie}

and finally...running. boy oh boy! in many ways, it has been so good to get back on the road and run. and in many ways, it has been a big reminder of how out of shape this momma is. woo-wee. thankfully, i have a running partner who is very understanding and flexible. it took some time to figure out when to run because we have ALWAYS ran in the wee morning hours..before the sun...before our families would rise and shine. but with my precious and feisty baby boy who will sleep one night and then awake for two nights, it was hard for this momma to get out of bed. until now. now my running partner and i are hittin' the streets in the afternoon. and can i tell ya' somethin'? it's great! really. i have found my love for running again. i don't care if my body hurts. bring it. i would rather be running than not running. and as for races that we may or may not be training for. well...here's a few we're talkin' about.

this one.


this one.


(deep breath)

this one.

so there you have it, friends. that's where things stand, for now. next project (#2)...breezeway. and let me tell ya', we have our work cut out for us. wallpaper removal, painting, installing paneling, floor removal, installing new floor, and, oh, so much more. i'll be happy if we get the wallpaper off and the paint on. {wink}.

and an update wouldn't be an update (at least for this momma) without telling you about my heart and the work that has been going on in it through all of this. remember those verses i posted last month? the ones that inspired me to go after these three little ditties? well, it has come in handy many-a-day. i've realized how easy it is for me to let the things of this world drag me down/overwhelm me (i.e. referee-ing siblings, crying baby, tenacious toddler, school work, and the list goes on). thankfully, He brings me back to these truths and it gives me what i need to keep my head up and keep going. and i'm learning to take the time to be still. breathe. and be thankful. for everything (including the list above).

until next time...